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About L’Angélus

Cozy ambience, friendly service, and authentic and traditional French cuisine with quality French wines.
Oldest single–location French restaurant.
Set up in 1998 and awarded the “Restaurateurs de France”, L’Angélus is one of the most authentic and highly appreciated French restaurants in Singapore. As Singapore’s oldest single-location traditional French restaurant, L’Angélus values the French gastronomy by offering traditional French cooking prepared with high-quality ingredients air-flown and complemented by a specially curated wine list of an entirely French wine selection, full of gems for lovers of older vintages.
French experience
Reminiscent of the charming bistros tucked away in the corners of Paris, the setting and décor of L’Angelus evoke a Parisian atmosphere as thick as the chef’s French Onion Soup. The décor has a traditional feel which hasn’t changed in the restaurant’s long history.

Enter L’Angélus and walk past the pigeonholes with our oldest and some famous patrons’ napkins to get immersed in a cozy dining environment with wonderfully crafted French artefacts and vintage posters from bygone eras. Armed with your favorite glass of wine or vintage Armagnac, take a stroll through the passage beyond the kitchen to search for a familiar face in the rows of sepia-toned photographs lining the walls. 

L’Angélus has steadfastly continued the fine tradition of serving top quality authentic French cuisine with friendly service to this day. Our menu boasts of the best of French food, from classics, seasonal and innovative dishes.
Our main ingredients are meticulously sourced to ensure a high degree of freshness. Be it fresh seafood, wild catch fish, fresh gourmet meat, farmed poultry or fruits and vegetables, every element is of the highest quality possible.

The bar is perhaps the best-kept secret of L’Angélus. Apart from an exhaustive selection of French wines, we also serve a large range of whiskies, vodkas, gins, liqueurs, cocktails, rums and Armagnacs. With personalized attention from our General Manager Yang with soft jazz in the background, it is the perfect place for a relaxed drink before or after your dinner.

Our wine selection is pre-dominantly French, from the different wine-growing regions of France.